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Buildwise Group


for the South West

CALL: 0800 696 5165​

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Buildwise Group


for the South West

CALL: 0800 696 5165​

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Taunton Driveway Contractor

Our surfacing company has been building resin bound, tarmac, block paving and chip & tar paving in the local area for over 10 years. We have a track record of producing quality construction and we would love the opportunity to design and quote for your project.

We have a team of contractors who will be produce 5 star quality finishes at an affordable price to dramatically improve your homes drive.

We can visit for a no obligation survey to show you some options and design a drive that suits your budget and gives you the best result.

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Driveways Taunton

Paving Contractors

First impression matters when it comes to converting your home to be one of the best-looking properties on the your street. Making your drive an attractive part of your home offers a lot of benefits and makes you feel great everytime you pull in to your property.

Discover how to improve your Taunton driveways and let your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Buildwise Group will help you upgrade or start from nothing when you decide to work on your project.

For many years in the industry, our company has been relentless in keeping our customers happy with the best value transformations. We build all kinds of driveway paving, giving you the exact surface you prefer.

Your front entrance endures significant amounts of stress from vehicles and weather conditions. You’ll only waste money if you get one with mediocre durability, as it will develop issues earlier on. This is why you need to hire Buildwise Group, a leading driveway and patio contractor in Taunton.

For Driveways Taunton residents will be gauranteed construction built to last. You’ll enhance your property’s curb appeal and remove common problems like cracks and standing water. When you are looking for driveway companies in Taunton, and you need to get durable, cost-effective solutions, call us today.

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Your Driveway Type Options

We provide three surfacing options. Each offers different benefits and aesthetics. You can learn more from our team while discussing the project with them.

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Tarmac Driveway

Durable, skid-resistant, and weather-resistant. A sturdy, cost-effective option for any property

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Block Paving Drive

Customise your drive by choosing from blocks of various shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns.

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Resin Driveway

Style and practicality in one. Resin is low maintenance and features design flexibility.


Tarmac – Resin – Block Paving – Chip & Tar

We build driveways of all kinds: tarmac, gravel, cobblestones, resin bound, and block paving. Our experienced builders will lay your driveway if you live in Taunton and the surrounding towns and villages.

Give your home a lift and drive your car in a newly paved suface. Our team of highly trained building professionals have won awards for their building excellence and are ready to deliver an incredible construction project for you.

Our Resin Driveways in Taunton could be your key to unlocking the beauty of your home and your realisation to your long-dreamt driveway renovation. Or our block paving driveways could be the unexpected lift that your home always needed.

Constructing a new driveway for your Taunton property can take an intimidating amount of money. Buildwise Group helps you keep your finances safe with affordable payment options. You’ll get a plan to suit your budget and monthly discount offers.

No need to worry about your driveway even if our business ceases to trade. Buildwise Group provides an insurance-backed warranty along with our services. If you find any workmanship defects, you can have them fixed regardless, giving your investment extra security.


Is your driveway ruining your Taunton property’s otherwise perfect exterior? Let Buildwise group resurface or install a new one. You’ll remove cracks, potholes, and moss growth which detract from your property’s curb appeal and are safety concerns. Fill out our contact form for a free quote.

Driveway Companies in Taunton

Free Quote

Find the most cost-effective driveway construction solutions at Buildwise Group. You’ll get fast installation services and high-quality products at competitive prices. Call us at 018 2329 7046 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote and schedule a survey visit.

Building your drive really is a pleasure and a reward in itself. Our contractors are professional people and are highly experienced in various surfacing solutions. And that’s why our partners in the industry and clients recommend us.

We believe in the philosophy of excellence. But people would always think that something is done excellently and fabulously, there’s a price to pay. We want to debunk this notion. As we continue to work in this industry we know that the our price has to be competitive because we are not the only one doing driveways and other paving projects.

Every customer would always look for value. And that’s what we are doing–value for your money. We have known all along that in order to be successful in our endeavour, we have to be great and please our customers. And the more customers we serve, the more we become fulfilled. Our customers trust us.

Excellence can only be shown by a job well done. Our builders, being certified and experienced, cannot fail you. We execute every project with precision with the assurance that no mess is left behind.

As long as there are homes built, families moving in, engaging to renovations and new driveway projects, combined with other exterior needs like a patio, block paving, resin driveways, fencing, and hard landscaping, there’s no let-up to what we do.

There’s no small job for our team. Call our professional fitters to know more about our services.

Buildwise Group

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