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The Best Patio Resurfacing Services and How to Choose the Best Patio for You

An outdoor patio can add significant value to your home and make it much more enjoyable to spend time outside. However, picking the right patio resurfacing is critical to making sure you get the best experience possible when renovating your outdoor space. Here are some tips on how to choose the best patio for you and find the perfect outdoor patio that will make your summertime stories even more memorable.

Consider your patio usage

If you’re considering what material is right for your patio, think about how you plan on using it. Painted concrete patios are a good option for families with children and pets. They can last longer than other types of materials because they don’t attract insects like wood or get damaged by water in ways that pavers do. However, they can be easily damaged by vehicles and are fairly slippery when wet. Sandstone paving is a popular alternative to concrete but may not last as long since it could crack from freeze-thaw cycles if used outdoors. Paving slabs come in an array of colours and styles—some even resemble brick—and are relatively easy to install. The downside is that you have less flexibility when choosing the colour and fitting the design where you’d like compared to painted concrete patio options.

Some homeowners also prefer paver options for outdoor living spaces because they provide more traction, especially important if kids will be playing on them often. It’s worth noting that some homeowners might want their patio to drain quickly after heavy rain so all their furniture doesn’t end up under two inches of water. If you’re not looking to completely change your patio, resurfacing might be a better choice. Resurfacing involves removing existing material and replacing it with new pieces. This could include removing old concrete slabs and replacing them with new ones, or taking out old pavers and putting down new ones. Resurfacing can save money over completely replacing an entire patio because you’re only changing parts of it rather than having to replace everything at once.

Determine your budget

Once you have an idea of what your patio needs are, it’s time to determine your budget. Make sure you get an accurate quote on all patio materials before work begins—it’s always a good idea to have a ballpark figure in mind. Determining your budget also helps you pick out materials that fit with your spending plan. Remember: It’s always better to spend money on something beautiful than on trying (and failing) to save money.

Working with you to Help you Choose

In addition to helping you choose what type of patio works best in your backyard, we’ll help you make choices like: Should it be painted concrete? Or sandstone paving? What kind of patio drainage will work with our regional climate? All these details are important and it’s always good to ask around.  We’ve worked on some pretty amazing patios before so feel free to check out our portfolio to get an idea of what options you have.

Enjoy your new patio!

After the project is complete, the most important part is you enjoying your new patio. Try adding a few more touches to make it truly yours. We can add edging or help organise further landscaping for the surrounding area so that it integrates with the look of your house.  No matter what you choose, our work will stand up to extreme weather conditions. With our guarantee, you can enjoy your patio with piece of mind.

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